Community Perceptions on Integrating Animal Vaccination and Health Education by Veterinary and Public Health Workers in the Prevention of Brucellosis among Pastoral Communities of South Western Uganda

Catherine Kansiime, Lynn M. Atuyambe, Victor Guma, Anthony Mugisha, Samuel Mugisha, Benon B. Asiimwe, Innocent B. Rwego, Elizeus Rutebemberwa


Integration of animal vaccination against and health education on brucellosis (the activity level) by veterinary and public health workers (the actors‰Ûª level), how to conduct the integration process, and challenges likely to be faced was conducted in pastoral communities. It was noted that integration of animal vaccination and health education would be feasible if government and other stakeholders were involved in facilitation of the programs. Key areas of improvement mentioned included; improving human resources, facilitating the necessary activities such as sensitization of the communities about the brucellosis, and providing the vaccines and diagnostic kits, collaboration with all stakeholders.

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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics * ISSN 1947-2579 *