Development and Implementation of a Clinical and Business Intelligence System for the Florida Health Data Warehouse

Raed H AlHazme, Arif M Rana, Michael De Lucca


The overall aim of the project was to conduct a Clinical and Business Intelligence (CBI) gap analysis in the Broward Regional Health Planning Council’s (BRHPC) Florida Health Data Warehouse environment, and when determined necessary, introduce the concept of CBI to the site. CBI is a powerful set of tools that has the potential to assist organizations such as BRHPC in the planning and coordination of health care services. The project was designed to reflect the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) development methodology, which consists of five stages: planning, analysis, detailed system design, implementation, and support.  In planning, we evaluated the current relationship between the health care data and the decision makers that utilize BRHPC’s Florida Health Data Warehouse, which indicated a major disconnect between the respective participants and the data in the existing system. Based on this, a CBI system was proposed for development and implementation for BRHPC’s Florida Health Data Warehouse to address this disconnect.  The subsequent analysis included data collection and a number of meetings with different end-users in order to collect the site’s requirements for the CBI system.  System design, development, and implementation were then executed for each component of the system. Finally, BRHPC’s technical team members were trained on how to support the system. Preliminary results of the developed system have already proven to assist in the planning and coordination of the health care services in Florida.

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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics * ISSN 1947-2579 *