Impact of Staff Qualification and Training on Performance of the Core Function Activities (CFA) of the Communicable Disease Surveillance System, Gazera State, Sudan, 2009

Magda A. Nogodalla, Ahmed I. Abdelghani


The aim of this study was to assess the impact of staff qualification and training on the performance of core function activities(CFA) of Communicable Disease Surveillance and response(CDSs) in Gazera state, Sudan during 2009. A descriptive cross sectional facility based study design used. The assessment covered: sentinel sites(51), locality offices (seven) and the staff of state epidemiology directorate. Questionnaires, checklists and record review were used. Data collected and analyzed using SPSS V.1 There were a deficiency in CDSs CFA specially at locality levels with strong positive association between staff qualification and training with CFA; knowledge (X2=23.05-p=0.01),awareness (X2=21.17,p=0.002),timelines (X2=10.2-p=0.03) There were significant relations highlighting area for strengthening,

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