Developing a Tool to Cost Gaps in Implementation of IHR (2005) Core Capacities

Stella Chungong, Jun Xing, Rajesh Sreedharan, Stephane de La Rocque, Rebecca Katz, Julie E. Fischer, Mahomed Patel, Lisa D. Ferland, Meeyoung Park, Ngozi Erondu, William MacWright, Scott J. McNabb


In May 2013, over 100 WHO Member States (MS) reported not having met their national International Health Regulations (2005) core capacity requirements. Many MS need support in identifying activities and associated costs to support building capacity. WHO developed a costing tool organized by the IHR (2005) Core Capacities and public health core functions. The tool will provide users with estimated annualized costs for developing and sustaining public health activities relevant to IHR (2005) implementation. Providing National Focal Points with costs estimates and generalized plans of action facilitates allocation of funds and development of IHR capacities and public health functions.

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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics * ISSN 1947-2579 *