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Wilson, Steven Lloyd, University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States)
Winterbottom, Anna
Wiseman, Greg, The Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto
Witt, Leonard
Wittkower, D. E.
Wittkower, D. E., Old Dominion University (United States)
Wittkower, Dylan Eric, Old Dominion University (United States)
Wohn, D. Yvette, Michigan State University
Wolcott, Peter
Wolf, Christine T.
Wolf, Connie
Wolfe, Christine
Wolff, Spencer, Yale University
Wong, David, Michigan State University
Wong, Lola, University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Wong, Lola, The University of Western Ontario
Wong, Loong
Wong, Richmond Y., University of California Berkeley (United States)
Woo, Kenneth
Wood, Denise, Central Queensland University
Wood, Elliott, Strategic Radio Solutions
Wood, Jo, School of Information Science at City University, London.
Woodford, Darryl, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
Woods, Jay
Woolley, Samuel C., University of Washington (United States)
Wouters, Paul, Virtual Knowledge Studio Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Wouters, Paul
Woźniak, Paweł, t2i interaction lab, Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg, Sweden (Sweden)
Wright, Carla B.
Wright, Nicola, Curtin University, Western Australia (Australia)
Wu, David
Wu, Fang, Hewlett Packard Laboratories
Wu, Fang, Social Computing Lab, HP Labs (United States)
Wyatt, Roger B.
Wyckoff, Andrew
Wykoff, Leslie

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