Volume 17, Number 9 - 3 September 2012

Table of Contents

Teun Lucassen, Roald Dijkstra, Jan Maarten Schraagen
Andrew Famiglietti
Marcos Pereira Dias
Abbe E. Forman, Rebecca Kern, Gisela Gil-Egui
James P. Purdy
Kim Barbour, David Marshall
Piotr Konieczny
Joi L. Moore, Camille Dickson-Deane, Krista Galyen, Christiana Kumalasari, Kyungbin Kwon

Book Reviews

Book review of Web 2.0 and beyond: Principles and technologies
Yijun Gao
Book review of Privacy impact assessment
Robert Gellman
Book review of Studying mobile media: Cultural technologies, mobile communication, and the iPhone
Zachary O'Leary