Volume 13 Number 8 - 4 August 2008

Table of Contents

WebWise 2.0: The Power of Community: Selected papers from the Ninth Annual WebWise Conference on Libraries and Museums

Welcome Remarks
Anne-Imelda M. Radice

Welcome to WebWise

Bruce Cole

Keynote Address

Jonathan F. Fanton

Session 1: The Power of Discovery

Creating Scholarly Tools and Resources for the Digital Ecosystem: Building Connections in the Zotero Project
Daniel J. Cohen
Boyce Tankersley, Christopher Dunn, Min Cai Henderson, David Vieglais, Greg Riccardi, Pam Allenstein, Dietrich Kappe

Session 2: The Power of Presentation

Ilene Frank
Larry Johnson
William E White

Conference Day Two: 7 March Keynote Address

Jeffrey Schnapp

Session 4: The Power of Collaboration

Roger Bruce
Mark Lawrence Kornbluh
Cathy N. Norton

Pre-Conference Workshop 2: Digital Applications for the Humanities

Arne Flaten, Alyson Gill
Colin Allen, Cameron Buckner, Mathias Niepert