Non-Profits on E: How Non-Profit Organisations are Using the Internet for Communication, Fundraising, and Community Building

Pieter Boeder


This study draws on research and literature from the disciplines of media studies, information technology and marketing theory to construct the argument that non-profit organisations can benefit from new developments in digital media technology and will have to adapt new strategies as a result of these technologies.

It explores current issues and debates within the non-profit community regarding the use of the Internet and investigates the opinions and attitudes expressed within these debates. Further, it examines the way non-profit organisations are currently implementing Internet tools and strategies and gives an overview of some of the underlying technologies.

The point of departure is that the activities on the Internet are taking place within an organisational and societal context that both enables and defines communication, the structural process associated with community. This communication, as well as its underlying technology, are subject of study and form the starting point of this investigation.

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