Pricing, agents, perceived value and the Internet

  • Phillip G. Bradford
  • Herbert E. Brown
  • Paula M. Saunders


The Internet has changed the way people buy things. A pointed difference is the use of Internet auctions and bots. But, are these differences actually changing the role and function of price in the firm's marketing program? Are they possibly changing options for pricing, and perhaps even, the very notion of perceived value? Or in fact, does the new set of Internet pricing mechanisms merely require marketers to do what good marketers have always done, and that is to build customer-perceived value and use price to recapture it? The only difference may be that now, we can do it even better because we have better tools.
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Bradford, P. G., Brown, H. E., & Saunders, P. M. (2001). Pricing, agents, perceived value and the Internet. First Monday, 6(6).