JIME: An interactive journal for interactive media

  • Simon Buckingham Shum
  • Tamara Sumner


). JIME's peer review process is designed to promote multidisciplinary dialogue through the use of a purpose-designed Web document-discussion interface. This innovative peer review model and the resulting enriched digital documents illustrate some of the possibilities for promoting knowledge construction and preserving intellectual products in digital scholarly publications. We present JIME's technical infrastructure, editorial policy, and peer review process, and discuss how these features are used to support the journal's goals. Finally, we conclude by considering what aspects of our approach might be suitable for e-journals in other disciplines.
How to Cite
Shum, S. B., & Sumner, T. (2001). JIME: An interactive journal for interactive media. First Monday, 6(2). https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v6i2.836