Helpmate: A multimedia Web teaching framework

  • Kevin Curran
  • Barry Devine


The Internet is an effective means of disseminating information to students within universities. It enables one to place documents on a Web server, which students can access on campus or remotely. We have developed a Web-based collaborative system, which enables students to work through lab-based tutorials with access to a lecturer at a remote location through a Web cam, e-mail and a chat room applet. The student also has access to other students through the chat room applet and can browse through the history to check whether questions have been previously answered. Remote control software allows the lecturer to take control of the students machine in order to troubleshoot problems. Currently, the system is in everyday use and here we demonstrate the many benefits of such a collaborative environment.
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Curran, K., & Devine, B. (2000). Helpmate: A multimedia Web teaching framework. First Monday, 5(5).