Redefinition of online scoops: Online journalists’ personal and institutional responses to online scoops

Jeongsub Lim


Online news circulates at a fast pace on a real-time basis. It is necessary for online journalists to deal with breaking news at each stage of the news-making process. This process is a part of the institutionalization rooted in the production of online news. On the basis of such observations, this study includes findings from interviews with Korean online journalists to determine how they perceive the nature of scoops in relation to their competitors and how they respond to scoops. This study is meaningful in that its empirical findings provide baseline information for theorizing about the online production of news. This study also reveals that perceptions of online scoops have been redefined among online journalists. Furthermore, institutions and individual intuitions guide online journalists’ news production.


online scoops; individual responses; institutional responses; online journalists

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