A taxonomy for measuring the success of open source software projects

Amir Hossein Ghapanchi, Aybuke Aurum, Graham Low


Open Source Software (OSS) has been widely adopted by organizations as well as individual users and has changed the way software is developed, deployed and perceived. Research into OSS success is critical since it provides project leaders with insights into how to manage an OSS project in order to succeed. However, there is no universally agreed definition of “success” and researchers employ different dimensions (e.g., project activity and project performance) to refer to OSS success. By conducting a rigorous literature survey, this paper seeks to take a holistic view to explore various areas of OSS success that have been studied in prior research. Finally it provides a measurement taxonomy including six success areas for OSS projects. Implications for theory and practice are presented.


Open source software; project success; User interest; Project activity; project performance.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v16i8.3558

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