The use of nondialogic trolling to disrupt online communication

Keywords: trolling, nondialogic, folksonomy, imageboard


Trolling, a uniquely common antisocial behavior in online communities, has traditionally been conceptualized as a phenomenon based in group dialogue. Yet it is possible for trolling to occur without any actual dialogue between the troll and the intended targets. In this paper, several methods of trolling are presented, each of which is performed through engagement with user-generated media artifacts rather than through back-and-forth conversation among users. These are broadly grouped into four categories based on the type of media engagement that is exploited: content creation, content curation, content evaluation, and content refinement. This manuscript therefore fills a significant gap in the literature on this topic and helps to resolve a limitation in existing explications of the construct by showing its applicability to a wider range of behaviors than previously acknowledged.

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Britt, B. C. (2019). The use of nondialogic trolling to disrupt online communication. First Monday, 24(10).