Examining the Determinants of Who is Hyperlinked to Whom: A Survey of Webmasters in Korea

Han Park


This paper assesses the determinants of who is hyperlinked to whom on the Web. It details the results of a conducted survey with 64 Korean Webmasters to examine the reasons Web sites form hyperlink networks with other sites. The results indicated that Webmasters consider the credibility of hyperlinked Web sites to be above average when deciding to hyperlink. Particularly, the item "usefulness" had the highest score, indicating that Web sites are more likely to hyperlink to Web sites possessing practical content, information, or services. Additionally, the qualitative analysis reveals that hyperlinking motivations and advantages are largely grouped into two dimensions: navigational functionality and for business purposes.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v7i11.1005

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