Volume 2, Number 7 - 7 July 1997

Table of Contents

Fixed fee versus unit pricing for information goods; competition, equilibria, and price wars HTML
Peter C. Fishburn, Andrew M. Odlyzko, Ryan C. Siders
Efficient Pricing in Data Transmission Networks: The Argentine experience HTML
Mauricio Drelichman
What's the Right Economics for Cyberspace? HTML
Michael H. Goldhaber
Monetary Policy Implications of Electronic Money HTML
Aleksander Berentsen
WebMonitor: a Tool for Measuring World-Wide Web Server Performance HTML
Jussara M. Almeida, Virgilio Almeida, David J. Yates
E-Journals, Archives and Knowledge Networks: A Commentary on Archie Zariski's Defense of Electronic Law Journals HTML
Bernard Hibbitts

Book Reviews

Book Reviews HTML
Edward J. Valauskas

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