Volume 12, Number 6 — 4 June 2007

Table of Contents

Preface HTML PDF
Brian Kahin, Steven J. Jackson
Open science grid: Building and sustaining general cyberinfrastructure using a collaborative approach HTML
Paul Avery
What's wrong with the patent system? Fuzzy boundaries and the patent tax HTML
James Bessen, Michael J. Meurer
Bringing peer review to patents HTML
Mario Biagioli
Issues in IP management to support open access in collaborative innovation models HTML
Sara Boettiger
Intellectual property and cyberinfrastructure HTML
Dan L. Burk
Knowledge management architectures beyond technology HTML
Marla M. Capozzi
Cyberinfrastructure and patent thickets: Challenges and responses HTML
Gavin Clarkson
Is 'designing' cyberinfrastructure -or even, definining it- possible? HTML
Peter A. Freeman
Infrastructure commons in economic perspective HTML
Brett M. Frischmann
Economic experiments in internet access markets HTML
Shane Greenstein
The role of patents in technology markets: Issues pertaining to data collection and analysis HTML
Dominique Guellec, Maria Pluvia Zuniga
Understanding infrastructure: History, heuristics and cyberinfrastructure policy HTML
Steven J. Jackson, Paul N. Edwards, Geoffrey C. Bowker, Cory P. Knobel
A simple method to improve life sciences patent searches using the cyberinfrastructure at the National Institutes of Health HTML
Kyle Jensen, Chen Jinan, Fiona Murray
Cyberinfrastructure and innovation policy HTML
Brian Kahin
Social and behavioral scientists building cyberinfrastructure HTML
David W. Lightfoot
Cyberinfrastructure, institutions and sustainability HTML
Christopher J. Mackie
Knowledge commons: The case of the biopharmaceutical industry HTML
Arti K. Rai
Intellectual property and compatibility standards: A primer HTML
Tim Simcoe
ICT Standard setting today: A system under stress HTML
Andrew Updegrove
Dealing with patent fragmentation in ICT and genetics: Patent pools and clearing houses HTML
Geertrui Van Overwalle, Esther Van Zimmeren, Birgit Verbeure, Gert Matthijs
Seeking open infrastructure: Contrasting open standards, open source and open innovation HTML
Joel West
Implementing openness: An international institutional perspective HTML
Sacha Sacha Wunsch–Vincent, Taylor Reynolds, Andrew Wyckoff
Conference Keynote Address HTML
Arden L. Bement Jr.
Conference Keynote Address HTML
David Wu

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