Volume 12, Number 4 — 2 April 2007

Table of Contents

Assessing the value of cooperation in Wikipedia HTML
Dennis M. Wilkinson, Bernardo A. Huberman
Visualizing the overlap between the 100 most visited pages on Wikipedia for September 2006 to January 2007 HTML
Anselm Spoerri
What is popular on Wikipedia and why? HTML
Anselm Spoerri
Election bloggers: Methods for determining political influence HTML
Greg Elmer, Peter Malachy Ryan, Zach Devereaux, Ganaele Langlois, Joanna Redden, Fenwick McKelvey
Video, education and open content: Notes toward a new research and action agenda HTML
Peter B. Kaufman
Building an open access African studies repository using Web 2.0 principles HTML
Anna Winterbottom, James North
Open educational resources in a global context HTML
Paul Stacey
Open source athletes HTML
Stefan Görling
Change of state: Information, policy and power HTML
Sandra Braman
Acting with technology: Activity theory and interaction design HTML
Victor Kaptelinin, Bonnie Nardi
FM Interviews: Sandra Braman HTML
Edward J. Valauskas

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