Volume 10, Number 12 - 5 December 2005

Table of Contents

Ringtones, or the auditory logic of globalization HTML
Sumanth Gopinath
Just how international is my Web site? Estimating reach through analysis of hourly demand HTML
Dirk Spennemann
Finding information on the World Wide Web: A specialty meta–search engine for the academic community HTML
Yaffa Aharoni, Ariel Frank, Snunith Shoham
From Eleanor Rigby to Nannanet: The greying of the World Wide Web HTML
Tara Brabazon
Web of lies? Historical knowledge on the Internet HTML
Daniel Cohen
Agenda–setting, opinion leadership, and the world of Web logs HTML
Aaron Delwiche
The use of the Internet to activate latent ties in scholarly communities HTML
Paul Genoni, Helen Merrick, Michele Willson
Academic home pages: Reconstruction of the self HTML
Lesley Thoms, Mike Thelwall
From libraries to ‘libratories’ HTML
Leo Waaijers

Book Reviews

Book Reviews HTML
Matthew Rimmer, Greg Stinson

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