Volume 10, Number 9 - 5 September 2005

Table of Contents

The economy of phishing: A survey of the operations of the phishing market HTML
Christopher Abad
Podcasting: A new technology in search of viable business models HTML
Sheri Crofts, Mark Fox, Andrew Retsema, Bob Williams
Hacking for a cause HTML
Brian Still
Professors online: The Internet’s impact on college faculty HTML
Steve Jones, Camille Jones
Software and seeds: Open source methods HTML
Margaret Kipp
Using virtual lectures to educate students on plagiarism HTML
Laura Guertin
Cats in the classroom: Online learning in hybrid space HTML
Michelle Kazmer
Electronic courseware in higher education HTML
Maureen Minielli, S. Ferris
Habermas’ heritage: The future of the public sphere in the network society HTML
Pieter Boeder

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