Volume 10, Number 4 - 4 April 2005

Table of Contents

The democratic divide HTML
Stephanie Birdsall
Piercing the peer–to–peer myths: An examination of the Canadian experience HTML
Michael Geist
‘Public eyes’: Direct accountability in an information age HTML
Albert Meijer
The limits of Web–based empowerment: Integrated water resource management case studies HTML
Mike Thelwall, Adrian Barlow, Katie Vann
Computer–aided music distribution: The future of selection, retrieval and transmission HTML
Nancy Duncan, Mark Fox
Teaching as performance in the electronic classroom HTML
Doug Brent
On becoming a Web site HTML
Punya Mishra
Conversations in the dark: How young people manage chatroom relationships HTML
Rob Walker, Babis Bakopoulos
Where does Web bibliographies’ author information come from? HTML
Timothy Craven

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor HTML
Edward Valauskas

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