Volume 9, Number 9 - 6 September 2004

Table of Contents

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor HTML
Edward Valauskas
Asynchronous discussion groups as Small World and Scale Free Networks HTML
Gilad Ravid, Sheizaf Rafaeli
Lost in gallery space: A conceptual framework for analyzing the usability flaws of museum Web sites HTML
Paul Marty, Michael Twidale
Small ads as first steps to Internet business: A preliminary survey of Cameroon’s commercial Internet usage HTML
David Zeitlyn, Francine Barone
The economics of open source hijacking and the declining quality of digital information resources: A case for copyleft HTML
Andrea Ciffolilli
Cons in the panopticon: Anti–globalization and cyber–piracy HTML
Indhu Rajagopal
Is copyright necessary? HTML
Terry Maxwell

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