Volume 6, Number 12 - 3 December 2001

Table of Contents

Free software/free science HTML
Christopher M. Kelty
Re-engineering scientific credit in the era of the globalized information economy HTML
Philip Mirowski
Code, culture and cash: The fading altruism of open source development HTML
David Lancashire
The economics of software distribution over the Internet revisited HTML
Yaron Ilan
The electronic Starry Plough: The Enationalism of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement (IRSM) HTML
Michael Dartnell
Communicating information about the World Trade Center disaster: Ripples, reverberations, and repercussions HTML
Michael Blakemore, Roger Longhorn
The day the world changed: Implications for archival, library, and information science education HTML
Richard J. Cox, Mary K. Biagini, Toni Carbo, Tony Debons, Ellen Detlefsen, Jose Marie Griffiths, Don King, David Robins, Richard Thompson, Chris Tomer, Martin Weiss
Libraries, the Internet and September 11 HTML
Judy Matthews, Richard Wiggins

Book Reviews

Book reviews HTML
Peter Beech, Ian Chowcat, Gill Stoker, Rob Parsons

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