Volume 6, Number 1 - 8 January 2001

Table of Contents

Internet, innovation, and open source: Actors in the network HTML
Ilkka Tuomi
An empirical study of the causal antecedents of customer confidence in e-tailers HTML
Sandeep Krishnamurthy
The regulation of BBS in China People Daily HTML
Wenzhao Tao
E-business application development: The paradigm shift from in-house application development HTML
V.V.S. Raveendra
The expansion of the patent system: Politics and political economy HTML
Brian Kahin
The unnoticed presidential transition: Whither Whitehouse.gov? HTML
Richard Wiggins
Picture that: Australia in the forefront HTML
Debbie Campbell
Book Reviews HTML
Paolo G. Cordone, Wendy Baird

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor HTML
Jimmy Castro

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