Volume 5, Number 6 - 5 June 2000

Table of Contents

Web-Wise: A Conference on Libraries and Museums in the Digital World: Introduction HTML
Edward J. Valauskas
The digital landscape: The Hawaiian newspapers and war records and trust territory image repository of the University of Hawaii HTML
James Cartwright, Martha Chantiny, Joan Hori, Karen Peacock
ArtsConnectEd: Collaboration in the integration and access to museum resources HTML
Robin Dowden, Scott Sayre, Steve Dietz
Digital Star Dust: The Hoagy Carmichael Collection at Indiana University HTML
Kristine R. Brancolini, Jon W. Dunn, John A. Walsh
Linking Florida's natural heritage: Science and citizenry HTML
Stephanie C. Haas, Priscilla Caplan
Collaboration through the Colorado digitization project HTML
Nancy Allen
Digital workflow management: The Lester S. Levy digitized collection of sheet music HTML
G. Sayeed Choudhury, Cynthia Requardt, Ichiro Fujinaga, Tim DiLauro, Elizabeth W. Brown, James W. Warner, Brian Harrington
The plant information center HTML
Evelyn Daniel, Peter White, Jane Greenberg, James Massey
Digitizing and preserving plant images: Linking plant images and databases for public access HTML
Connie Wolf, Douglas Holland
The birth and development of Find-It: Washington State's government information locator service HTML
Nancy Zussy
Socially grounded user studies in digital library development HTML
Ann Peterson Bishop, Bharat Mehra, Imani Bazzell, Cynthia Smith
Children Shaping the Future of Digital Libraries HTML
Allison Druin
ATEEL: The Advanced Technology Environmental Education Library HTML
Ellen J. Kabat Lensch, Kay Kretschmar Runge
INFOMIME: Promising directions in virtual library development HTML
Julie Mason, Steve Mitchell, Margaret Mooney, Lynne Reasoner, Carlos Rodriguez
Interoperability and standards in a museum/library collaborative: The Colorado digitization project HTML
Liz Bishoff
Oh what a tangled Web we weave: Opportunities and challenges for standards development in the digital library arena HTML
Priscilla Caplan
Digital image managers: A museum/university collaboration HTML
S.K. Hastings
Preserving digital assets: Cornell's digital image collection project HTML
Anne R. Kenney, Oya Y. Rieger

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