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This month: February 2018
Goals for algorithmic genies
Algorithmic genies built from growing computational capabilities bring risks, yet if supplied with suitable goals and supporting infrastructure they can help in meeting many human needs. These genies can be harnessed to raise the baseline experience of people worldwide (raising the floor), especially if such harnessing is informed by wide consensus and deep evidence. Examples show how algorithmic genies could raise the floor for widely agreed human needs like health, education, and other components of the Social Progress Index. Ensuring that both the least well off and the majority share in the benefits of progress can help to ensure the floor is raised for all (floored progress). Floored progress can apply beyond basic human needs to problems that people across the economic spectrum struggle with (shared floors).
Also this month
Information affordances: Studying the information processing activities of the core Occupy actors on Twitter
Emergent social movements benefit from technologies that support the information activities that core actors perform to achieve the goals of the movement. Starting with an information-centric perspective, this paper uses the theoretical lens of information processing, to examine the roles of Twitter affordances during the Occupy movement in solving information problems. Using inferential statistics and network visualization, this research shows how different Twitter affordances act as mechanisms to resolve information problems in many different ways. Network visualization shows the ecology of interactions amongst core actors, and between core actors and the public.



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