Online newspaper repositories and Norwegian-Russian media frames of Svalbard

Robert W. Vaagan


Online newspaper repositories of two leading Norwegian and Russian daily newspapers (Aftenposten and Rossiyskaya gazeta) offer different media frames of the Arctic group of islands known as Svalbard. The article first outlines the historical and geopolitical background. Then it presents findings from a content analysis of the two dailies. Findings confirm that Norway and Russia since the 1920s until recently have nurtured contending media frames of the archipelago which reflect different historical and geopolitical perceptions. Although Norway and Russia enjoy good bilateral relations, some tension lingers on regarding Svalbard. This might play a role as the Arctic littoral states try to harmonize their interests regarding continental shelves and circumpolar seaways under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).


online newspaper repositories, Norway, Russia

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