First Monday June 2005
First Monday

Volume 10, Number 6 — 6 June 2005

Teaching and Learning with Digital Resources: Web-Wise 2005. Selected papers from the Sixth Annual Conference on Libraries and Museums in the Digital World, sponsored by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services and the University of Illinois at Chicago, 17-18 February 2005

Thursday, 17 February 2005

Keynote address
Open content: How online digital libraries and resources will provide access to cultural information in the 21st century
David Rumsey, Cartography Associates

Session — Creating digital resources for effective teaching and learning
Nancy R. John (Chair of session), University of Illinois at Chicago

Breaking the K–12 crust: The realities of digital libraries for education
by David Lankes, Syracuse University

Using digitized primary source materials in the classroom: A Colorado case study
by Nena E. Bloom, Colorado Digitization Program, and Cynthia Stout, Jefferson County (Colo.) School District

Session — Reaching out to learners of all ages
Nancy Gwinn (Chair of Session), Smithsonian Institution

The Agricultural Economics Challenge: An online program where high school students learn economics and agriculture of the Salinas Valley
by Leti M. Bocanegra and Margie Harrison–Smith, National Steinbeck Center

Project Access for adult English–language learners
by Anne Henderson, Frist Center for the Visual Arts, and Elyse Adler, Nashville Public Library

Engaging the public with digital primary sources: A tri–state online history database and learning center
by Laurie Mercier and Leslie Wykoff, Washington State University, Vancouver

Session — Digital resources for educators
Bill Barnett (Chair of Session), Field Museum

Re–presenting race in the digital age
by Laura Strentz and Iris Taboh, Seattle (Wash.) Schools

The Maine Music Box
by Marilyn Lutz and Laura Gallucci, University of Maine

Digital Deerfield 1704: A new perspective on the French and Indian Wars
by Lynne Spichiger, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association/Memorial Hall Museum, and Chris Sturm, Marlboro Middle School (Marlboro, N.J.)

Friday, 18 February 2005

Keynote address
Technology and our schools: Preparing America’s future
Susan Sclafani, U.S. Department of Education

Session — Creating and sustaining effective users of online resources
Martha Hale (Chair of Session), Catholic University, School of Library and Information Science

Twenty–first century skills: A vision for teaching and learning in the digital world
by Ken Kay, Infotech Strategies

What is Google doing in my library? An overview of the new Google content initiatives
by John Lewis Needham, Google, Inc.

Session — On my mind: Reflections from the community
Joyce Ray (Chair of Session), U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services

Commentary on Web–Wise
Peter Kaufman, Intelligent Television

Commentary on Web–Wise
Henry Kelly, Federation of American Scientists

Commentary on Web–Wise
Peggy O’Brien, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Commentary on Web–Wise
Sarah Whitesell, Federal Communications Commission

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