Where am I and who are 'we'?: Self-representation and the intersection of gender and ethnicity on the Web

Linda Leung


This essay examines the ways in which ethnic minorities are engaging with representations of ethnicity on the Web through the production and consumption of forms of auto/biography. For the purposes of this study, auto/biographical Web texts are defined as those in which the authors represent themselves, their ethnicities and/or their ethnic communities. In particular, it highlights the relationships of representational power between those who seek to write about the lives of the ethnic communities of which they are part, and the consumers of such forms of texts, including those who are spoken for. How is this ethnic author/ethnic reader relation inflected by gender? The dynamics examined in this research are between a group of ethnic minority female Web consumers and ethnic minority male Web producers.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v8i10.1083

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